About PerAxelsson.se

Per Axelsson is a web developer/designer with a couple of years of professional experience. He has been building websites since the age of 12 and is well experienced in what makes a website work.

Per lives in Sweden in a city called Gävle. He is 32 years old and loves to play board games, build his own board game projects, websites and other programmy stuff. Per's native language is swedish, but he is no stranger to english, having acquired a certificate in advanced english (CAE level 4 out of 5) at the age of 19.

Per is currently looking for a web development job. His past work experiences include working as a sole proprietor and about two years of employment at Lantmäteriet (link opens in a new window) as a web-/systems developer.

This website is intended to be a platform for both making Per easier to find for potential employers and as a way to develop and maintain his personal projects.

Feel free to check out his professional profile.


Need to contact me? Send me an e-mail (preferred) or call me. Details below.

E-mail: peraxelsson82@gmail.com
Phone: +(46)70-400 7585 (Sweden)